3 Piece CNC Basic Bit Set – 1/4″ Shank – AstraHP Coated

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This basic CNC router bit set can get you started with your first projects! Use the flattening bit to get your spoilboard ready to go or to flatten one surface of your project material to the desired thickness. The down cut spiral CNC bit provides sharp edges as well and detailed lines for signs, profile cuts, and more. Finally, the 2 flute v-groove bit can engrave letters and intricate designs in wood, plastics and metals.  

What’s Included:

  • 425-DNC125LR – 1/8″ Down Cut – Cuts a crisp edge on pockets 
  • W-6210 – Whiteside CNC Surfacing Bit – 1″ width – Used for spoilboard and slab flattening
  • 425-VG45 – 45 degree V-Groove –  Great for V-groove engraving

SPECIAL OFFER! Add a 3/4" Bowl and Tray Bit for 20% Off!

AstraHP Coated Whiteside 1372 - 3/4" Bowl and Tray Bit - 1/4" Shank.

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