We’ve expanded our FREE downloadable tool file library! We now offer tool files for CarveCo and Carbide Create along with our existing Vectric and Fusion library.

PLEASE NOTE: Recommended Starting Points Only, does not warranty against tool breakage. Feeds and Speeds vary depending on material type and thickness. Always make test cuts with shallow passes in scrap material to verify speeds and feeds work for your setup. Always use caution and proper safety equipment when using cutting tools.


CarveCo Tool Files

Click link to download tool file library for CarveCo, Maker and Maker+. Files are .zip and need to be extracted before they can be imported.

BitsBits CarveCo Complete Tool Library V1.2

4/19/24 – Corrected step down on several tools

Meyers Woodshop Bit Set – CarveCo V1.2

4/19/24 – Corrected step down on several tools

Two Moose Bit Set – CarveCo

4/19/24 – Corrected step down on several tools


CarveCo Logo
Vectric Software logo

Vectric Tool Files

Vectric tool database contains tooling info on our most popular CNC spiral bits, compatible with Aspire, V-Carve, V-Carve Pro, Cut2D/3D and more.

BitsBits Vectric Tool Library.V2.0

4/19/24 – Updated part numbers and new tools

*NEW* Myers Woodshop Set Vectric V2.0

*NEW* Two Moose Design Set Vectric V2.0


Fusion360 Tool Files

Contains tool info on our most popular CNC spiral bits.

BitsBits Fusion Tool Library.V1.3

Bits-Whiteside Fusion Tool Library.V1.2

Fusion360 Logo
Carbide3D Logo

Carbide Create Tool Files

Carbide Create tool file database compatible with Create and CreatePRO. File is compressed and needs to be extracted before copying to Carbide 3D>Carbide Create>tools folder.

BitsBits Carbide Create Complete Tool Library V1.0