V-Bit Engraving Cutters

We manufacture a wide variety of engraving bits in many sizes and shapes.

The most popular are the half round (V-bit) type engraving cutters. These engraving bits can be used in a variety of applications from engraving plastic and wood to engraving stainless steel. For plastic or wood engraving we recommend a 50-degree or 60-degree cutter, and for metal engraving we recommend using a 70- or 80-degree cutter.Click on the engraving bit sizes below for prices and descriptions. Be sure to select a tip size. The tip size of your engraving bit will determine how wide your line is, for small character engraving choose a smaller tip size. For example, when engraving 1/8″ tall letters use a .010 or .015 tip, but for 1/4″ tall letters use a .020 or .030 tip.