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V-Groove Router Bits

We manufacture a wide variety of bits in our v groove router bit collection.

The most popular are the half round (V-bit) type cutters, along with the v groove router bit. These engraving CNC bits can be used in a variety of applications from plastic, wood to engraving metals. What is the difference between V-Groove and V-bits?CNC V Bits are single flute bits with one cutting edge. They are designed to be most efficient in fine detail engraving in hardwood, aluminum, brass, copper etc. Commonly used in the engraving industry, they are available in different sizes and lengths. We offer Astra Coated versions of the most popular v-bits for use in CNC and handheld routers.V Groove router bits feature 2 flutes and are intended more for engraving in wood for lettering, signage, carving and more. V-Grooves range from solid carbide bits (like the 425-VG45) to the Whiteside brazed carbide insert tools like the 1550. They come in several different angles, cutting diameters and shank sizes, perfect for most CNC machines.