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Introducing AstraHP (High Performance): The Next Evolution in Coating Technology

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation in cutting-edge technology, AstraHP, a revolutionary multilayer coating that’s set to redefine your machining experience. AstraHP represents a significant leap forward from our previous Astra Coating, offering enhanced performance across the board. This exceptional coating is incredibly thin, measuring at just 0.3µ (for comparison, a human hair is 40-55µ), ensuring minimal interference with the precision of your cutting tools. What’s more, AstraHP is tougher than ever, boasting an impressive 5000 Vickers hardness, providing exceptional durability and wear resistance. But that’s not all, AstraHP is also slicker than its predecessor, reducing friction and heat buildup, leading to cleaner cuts and longer tool life.
You can now experience the AstraHP advantage on our newest Spiral CNC bits and router bits. To make your selection process even more straightforward, our product descriptions will clearly indicate whether the tool you’re interested in is equipped with AstraHP Coating. We are committed to delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art tools that help you to achieve exceptional results, and AstraHP is yet another example of our dedication to your success.

How does AstraHP Coating extend the life of your bits?

During any type of cutting process, the cutting bit endures heat generated by the friction and abrasion of the bit moving through the material. This friction and abrasion are significant contributors to bit wear, leading to the dulling or degradation of the cutting edge, which in turn results in burning, a rough finish, and vibration.

AstraHP Coating is a multi-layered surface coating applied to our cutting tools that effectively reduces the friction coefficient of the bit. This reduction in friction enables smoother and faster cutting while minimizing heat generated from friction. Consequently, AstraHP Coating significantly extends the lifespan of the cutting tool. It is exceptionally effective across a range of materials, including wood, metals, aluminum, brass, and plastics, allowing for increased speed and feed rates. AstraHP Coating also helps in reducing the accumulation of dust and pitch. In the event that buildup does occur, the bit can be easily cleaned using a bit cleaning solution or compatible solvents due to its chemical resistance.

It is inevitable that a cutting tool will eventually wear to a point where it requires sharpening. AstraHP Coated tools can be sharpened in the same manner as standard carbide tools, ensuring they maintain a sharp cutting edge for extended usability.

AstraHP Coated Spiral CNC bits from Bits&Bits