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Tongue and Groove Router Bits & Sets

Tongue and groove router bits are designed to create even joints in solid wood – browse our collection below.

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Tongue and Groove Router Bits & Sets

Whiteside 3374 Vee Panel Tongue & Groove Set

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Tongue and Groove Router Bits & Sets

Whiteside 3370 Wedge Tongue & Groove Set 1/2″ Shank


A tongue and groove router bit set is designed for a variety of use cases, such as for flooring, ceiling, wainscoting, table tops and shelf banding. Our Whiteside tongue and groove router bit collections features both sets and single bits and can greatly increase the strength of a wood joint by adding glue to the surface. Many of our tongue and groove bits allow for customization to suit your exact needs on a job. With the choice of multiple slotting cutters and different kinds of bearings, you can be sure to achieve your desired results with a tongue and groove bit from us. Keep an eye out for the differently sized thicknesses and widths that our tongue and groove router bits allow for. With a bit from us, you can create solid and reliable joints with no hassle. Join multiple pieces of material together with a bit that makes your job both faster and easier. Shop now and find your ideal bits from us today!