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Flattening, Surfacing, & Planing Router Bits

Surfacing Router Bits are larger router bits used for several different woodworking tasks. Also called a flattening bit, slabbing bit, fly cutter or spoilboard bit. Our Astra Coated surfacing bits can be used with a flattening jig and handheld router to flatten a large slab. They can even flatten epoxy coated projects such as inlays or signs.

These router surfacing bits can also be used in a CNC machine to flatten or surface the spoilboard. (The spoilboard is the layer that your workpieces sit upon which using the CNC). Surfacing the spoilboard ensures that the workpiece with be parallel with the CNC spindle or router while cutting a design. This is especially important with carving or signmaking.

Surfacing bits are also used on CNC machines to flatten large slabs, such as table tops, bench tops and river tables. We use surfacing CNC bits to flatten slabs for signmaking here in our shop. 

We carry several options for a surfacing router bit; both for routers and CNC machines. Choose from 1/4″ shank W-6210, or the 1/2″ shank W-6220, or opt for the replaceable, indexable insert style of the SF-525 or SBU25-2. Whatever your flattening needs are, we have a surfacing router bit to get it done!