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Beading Router Bits

We have a large beading router bit collection, featuring AstraHP-Coated Whiteside carbide tipped bits.

Each beading router bit is designed to add smooth, straight shoulders to the edges of different materials. At Bits and Bits, we offer the best bead router bit collection you can browse. Not only does each router beading bit give you the most precise cuts and edges, but they allow you to make these alterations with such ease. In the end, a beaded router bit will save you time, money, and energy. So, browse our many bead router bit profiles today!With our AstraHP-Coated bits, you can enjoy smoother and faster cutting while also keeping the heat of friction down. And that's not all – in turn, this will let you use the bead bit for longer than any other normal bit. Extend the lifetime of your router beading bit today with AstraHP Coating.