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Round Nose (Core Box) Router Bits

The core box router bit creates smooth, rounded grooves, channels, and contours in your workpieces.


Each core box bit is ideal for a variety of applications, including sign-making, decorative woodworking, and 3D carving.

Our Whiteside round nose CNC router bits are carbide tipped and come in 1/4″ and 1/2″ shanks. For each bit, we offer several cut diameters and some with template bearings. Click here to see bowl and tray router bits for even more selection.

Our core box router bit collection is AstraHP-Coated to ensure durability and long-term precision. The rounded tips of these core box router bits create perfectly smooth curves and contours, making them ideal for creating decorative edges, grooves for inlays, and other intricate details.

Designed for use with CNC machines, our core box router bit collection features bits with sharp cutting edges for efficient chip removal. These ensure smooth, consistent cuts every time.

Upgrade your CNC routing capabilities with our bits here. Shop our core box router bit collection today and take your projects to the next level!