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Keyhole Router Bits

Hide the fasteners for wall hung projects with the help of a keyhole router bit from us! A keyhole bit from our collection will allow you to cut a screw slot in picture frames, plaques, sconces and more. Each keyhole router bit from our selection is expertly engineered and offers great quality for the price.

Make sure the screws you use fit the keyhole router bit design; the screw head should be smaller than the large diameter and the screw shanks should be smaller than the small diameter. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Not only are these Whiteside keyhole bits unique in their shapes, but they are also AstraHP Coated! This means that these bits can both last longer and are less prone to high friction buildup. Thanks to this new design with the coating, each keyhole router bit we sell can run longer and cooler, generating less heat and saving you time on the job. Start saving today with a keyhole bit from us.