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CNC Vacuum Table Gasketing

We are excited to carry All*Star CNC gasketing products for use with CNC vacuum tables. Upgrade your standard downdraft vacuum table to a true vacuum clamp table with any of several products, from table-wide Tile Gasket to a dedicated fixture with In-board gasketing.

What is tile gasketing?

Tile Gasket products are intended for those looking to improve the traditional effectiveness of a MDF downdraft set-up. These tiles eliminate vacuum leak by seal 85% of the board with a closed-cell gasket sheet. Then the remaining 15% surface area has a gasketed 1/4 hole to create vacuum with. Tiles are offered individually, or is set based on 4’x 8′ layouts as well as 5′ x 10′ layouts. Each tile measures 12″x 16″, with an adhesive backing. These tiles are intended to stick directly to the surface a standard spoilboard. Each tile contains 192 individual 1/4″ holes which produce a vacuum clamp on a sheet while also limiting vacuum loss as it seals the spoilboard.

How long does Tile Gasket last?

That depends on the operator. It is very important to read over the application notes. The Z depth adjustment is the biggest factor. When the Z depth is adjusted with care a user can maximize the longevity of the tiles for hundreds of operating hours.