Festool 202097 Remote Control CT-F I/M-Set


Bluetooth® remote control for CT 26, CT 36, and CT 48 that enables the mobile dust extractor to be started remotely or automatically when the cordless tool is switched on.

  • Ideal for occasional cleaning tasks without having to change the CT Dust Extractor from AUTO to MAN mode.
  • Start your CT Dust Extractor with the remote control directly on the suction hose.
  • The Bluetooth® module communicates with Festool Bluetooth® battery packs. The CT Dust Extractor is started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on.
  • Retrofit set for CT 26, 36, 48
  • Remote operation via remote control (included in the set) or via cordless tool (in combination with Bluetooth® battery pack)
  • The remote control makes it possible to switch on the CT Dust Extractor directly from the suction hose (simple changeover to cleaning mode, even when the CT Dust Extractor is in AUTO mode)

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