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Molding Router Bits

The baseboard router bit is a great tool for making beautiful, decorative designs in woodworking projects.

Baseboard router bits, also known as molding router bits, are used to make base molding and door/window casings. The recommended RPM for a baseboard router bit is 14,000-16,000 and these types of bits are only for router table use.These baseboard router bits are perfect for crafting different sizes of moldings. These various designs created by molding router bits can be applied to a large selection of items, from furniture edges to all kinds of home interior pieces. Picture frames, mirrors, trims, tables, desks, and more – a baseboard router bit can do it all.Some of our bits also feature AstraHP Coating that can last much longer than a normal bit without any coating on it. This AstraHP Coating helps to reduce friction and heat build-up within the bit, so then you can work longer and faster, getting jobs done with ease and consistency.Shop our store now and find the right molding router bit for your next creation right here!