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Cove & Bead Router Bits

Shop our AstraHP-Coated cove router bit collection, which can cut a concave or a rounded profile into the edge of your workpiece.

If you are looking to finely cut a rounded profile or groove onto the edge of a piece you are working on, then a cove router bit will have you covered. With a cove bit, you can craft smooth, decorative edges on all different kinds of things, such as trim, furniture, drawers, and cabinets. A couple of important factors when finding the right cove router bit for the job may include: what the bit is made of, and the actual sharpness of the bit itself too.Be sure to check out our bead and cove router bits here on this page. The bead bits are very similar to the cove router bits in how they add a smoother, finer finish to the edges of your pieces. With a cove and bead router bit, you can add a nice round shoulder to your edges without any hassle. We have all different kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs here too so browse now and find the best cove router bit for the job!