Tapered Ball 10 degree .004 w/15mm Reach

Tapered Ball 10 degree .004 w/15mm Reach


Part#: TEB10-004LR

Product Details


10 degree Tapered Ball End Mill with 15mm Reach .004 Tip

We re-designed the flutes to give more strength and even cleaner cuts.

This is a 5 degrees per side tapered ball solid carbide end mill. This carbide end mill has a .004 (0.1 mm) ball nose cutting tip to give the finest detail possible. This tool has a relief grind after the flutes so you can plunge deeper in your part without hitting the walls of the mold. Great for reaching deep into your part or mold.

This Tapered Ball End Mill Features

Cutting Tip - .004 inches (0.1mm) ball
Length of Cut - .350 inches (9.0mm)

Length of Reach - 15mm (.600")
Included angle - 10 degrees (5 degrees per side!)
Solid Carbide

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