Long Reach 2 Flute .062 Ball End Mill .400 reach

Long Reach 2 Flute .062 Ball End Mill .400 reach


Part#: LR062B

Product Details

Solid Carbide - Shank Diameter: 1/8  (3.175mm) - Tool Length: 1-1/2 inches (38mm)

The Long Reach End Mill tools have a relief grind after the flutes to allow you to continue your cut or plunge without hitting the shaft of the tool.

Ball End Mills have a round tip used to machine curved details, also called Ball Nose End Mills, they are used for milling rounded slots, slopes, and machining 2D/3D dimensional contours with a smooth finish. Great for milling into all types of material including, wood, plastic, metal. etc. Made in the USA

Tip Size Inches: .062
Tip Size MM: 1.52
Flute Length Inches: .180
Flute Length MM: 4.57
Length of Reach Inches: .400
Length of Reach MM: 10.16

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