*Astra Coated*Whiteside 1406 - 3/8 Radius - 1/4 Shank Core Box

*Astra Coated*Whiteside 1406 - 3/8 Radius - 1/4 Shank Core Box


Part#: W-1406

Product Details

Whiteside 3/8 Radius Round Nose Router Bit

Round Nose bits are a basic curved bit often used for sign making and for milling juice grooves. The round nose is perfect for cutting round grooves in any project without leaving square corners.

These Round Nose bits are often referred to as Core Box Bits. These are made by Whiteside. The carbide flutes give this tool the strength it needs for those tough jobs. Cuts all types of wood, plastic, and laminates. These tools are coated with our proprietary high performace Astra coating that allows higher speed & feed rates as well as extended tool life & increased lubricity.

Shank size - 1/4 x 2"

Radius - 3/8" - Cutting Diameter - 3/4"

Cut length - 7/16"

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