Miniature End Mills

Carbide End Mills - Made in the USA


Miniature Metric Flat End Mills

2 flute solid carbide end mills used in milling applications such as milling molds, profile milling, face milling, engraving, and drilling. These Miniature End Mills can cut and mill various materials such as plastic, aluminum, brass, wax, even stainless steel. The bottom of the tool is 'flat or square' so it mills a square slot, edge or pocket in the part or mold.



Miniature Decimal Ball End Mills

Miniature Metric Ball End Mills

The Ball End Mill is ideal for machining three dimensional contoured shapes in molds and dies. They leave a nice finish in the part or mold. A ball end mill is used for milling many types of materials, from plastics to steel alloys and titanium. The toughness and durability of the cutting edge is very high in ball end mills because of the rounded edge design. It was originally designed for a specialized purpose, namely for milling grooves with a semi-circular cross-section. This type of groove is needed in many mold applications.


Our miniature end mills are made from a sub micron carbide giving the tools hardness and toughness with minimal breakage. We use 1000 grit diamond wheels to grind crisp sharp edges. It is extremely important that the grinding wheels be perfectly balanced to maintain true accuracy. If you do not see the size you are looking for call or send us an email and we can quote it for you. We can ship most orders the same day.
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