Whiteside UDC9112 Spiral Combination 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL

Whiteside UDC9112 Spiral Combination 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL

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Part#: W-UDC9112

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Please Note: PN# UDC9112 is out of stock for 2-3 weeks (possibly from March 23rd to April 15th). Whiteside is the manufacture of this flush trim bit, and they have back ordered all their distributors until they are able to produce more in the coming weeks. We apologize about this situaton. 

This 1/2" Shank "ULTIMATE" Flush Trim Bit UDC9112 has a compression design to provide the ultimate cut when using templates. These bits leave a crisp, clean edge on both the top and bottom edge of the work piece. Having a top and bottom bearing gives you the opportunity of working with either a top or bottom template. If you use a lot of templates or use a router bit to flush trim, then this is the best that you can buy. This Ultimate Flush Trim Bit UDC9112 is perfect when working with templates or when using a router to flush trim matching wood surfaces. Whiteside’s compression spiral design, with a 7/8" diameter bearing guide, makes this bit easy to use in the router and produces a superior quality trimmed edge. This Combination Bit has a bearing on the end of the bit and on the shank allowing for a template to be placed on either side. The 7/8" carbide compression design creates a high shear angle for perfect cuts every time.

Please choose either (Uncoated) or (Coated) when purchasing these tools. The coating we offer is our proprietary high performance *Astra coating* which allows higher speed & feed rates as well as 2x extended tool life & increased lubricity in abrasive material.


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