*Astra Coated* Whiteside 6002 Ogee Stile & Rail Set - 1/2SH

*Astra Coated* Whiteside 6002 Ogee Stile & Rail Set - 1/2SH

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Part#: W-6002

Product Details

Whiteside 6002 Ogee Stile & Rail Set - 1/2"Shank, 7/8" Cut Length, 3/8" REVEAL

Make full size Stile and Rail joints on your router table. The interlocking design plus the raised panel groove are both cut in one pass. Ball bearing guides control the cutting depth and also allow use on rounded, arched, or special shaped doors. With these two piece sets, simply switch router bits to change from cutting stiles to cutting rails. Ideal for stock from 5/8” to 7/8” thick.

These tools are coated with a proprietary high performance *Astra coating*  that allows higher speed & feed rates as well as 2x the extended tool life & increased lubricity in abrasive material.

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