*Astra Coated* Whiteside 1/4 Shank 6pc Roundover Assortment

*Astra Coated* Whiteside 1/4 Shank 6pc Roundover Assortment


Part#: 250ROUND

Product Details

The rounderover bits in this kit are used to round the edges on wood, plastic and composites. Also they are used on cabinets, furniture, moldings or any other project that needs to have rounded edges. You save 20.00 by buying this set, instead of the bits individually!

These tools are coated with a proprietary high performance *Astra coating*  that allows higher speed & feed rates as well as 2x the extended tool life & increased lubricity in abrasive material


**Please note: Every router in this tool set is a 1/4 shank bit**  

This Astra Coated RoundOver Bit Set Includes:

(1)  Whiteside 2000A Roundover 1/4SH - 1/16 Radius

(2)  Whiteside 2000C Roundover 1/4SH - 1/8 Radius

(3) Whiteside 2001 Roundover Bit 1/4SH - 1/4 Radius

(4) Whiteside 2002 Roundover Bit 1/4SH - 5/16 Radius

(5) Whiteside 2003 Roundover Bit 1/4SH - 3/8 Radius

(6) Whiteside 2004 Roundover Bit 1/4SH - 1/2 Radius

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