Resharpening Services

We resharpen Engraving Tools, Router Bits and Plotter Blades.

Bits & Bits Company can resharpen many of the tools we sell. We use only the finest diamond wheels so that your tools will cut like new. It is important to remember that most tools and cutting lengths will be shortened after they have been resharpened. We offer resharpening on carbide tools only.

Engraving Cutter Resharpening
Standard Carbide Engraving Cutters (all sizes)
1 to 24 cutters - $7.50 each
25 or more - $6.00 each

Picture of 30 degree profile tool on resharp grinder.


Plotter Blade Resharpening - $6.00 each

We have been resharpening Plotter blades for over 30 years with hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers. Most blades like Roland, Anagraph, Gerber, Mimaki, and others can be resharpened 2 or 3 times. We have a 100% guarantee on all of your resharpened blades.

Profile Tool and *Pyramid Tool Resharpening (carbide only)
10 degree included angle - $10.00 each
12 degree included angle - $8.00 each
15 degree included angle - $7.00 each
All other angles - $6.50 each

(*Minimum 25 Pyramid Tools for resharpening)

We DO NOT resharpen the following tools:
Spiral Pyramids, T-Mills, Pro-Mills, Pyra-Mills, HSS tools
, 1 flute or 2 flute spiral router bits



Router Bit Resharpening - $6.00 each

Let Bits & Bits resharpen your old router bits so they cut like new again. We inspect all tools with high optical equipment and hot dip the cutting tips to insure safe shipping. Most router bits including: V-Groove, Round Nose, Bowl & Tray, Point Cutting, Carving Liner, Plunge Roundover and Round Bottom Router bits are only $6.00 each to resharpen.



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