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Feeds and Speeds

Feeds and speeds for milling wax

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and it is very hard to give exact feeds for every tool. Tools with smaller angles and tips are more brittle and should be run slower. Another factor is the depth of plunge, if you are only cutting 1mm deep you can run at a much faster speed. When cutting 3mm or deeper try slowing your feed and plunge rate down. We also recommend that you use our cutting oil, even when milling wax. The oil will make cleaning your wax much easier and your tools will last longer.


Basic Recommendations


Tool Angle Tip Size Feed Rate Speed
6 deg included .003 300 mm/minute 12K
6 deg included .005 325 mm/minute 12K
10 deg included .003 350 mm/minute 12K
10 deg included .005 500 mm/minute


12 deg included .003 400 mm/minute 12K-15K
12 deg included .005 500 mm/minute 12K-15K
15 deg included .003 450 mm/minute 12K-15K
15 deg included .005 650 mm/minute 12K-15K










Engraving tips for metals and plastics

When engraving Stainless, Alum or Brass we recommend only engraving .004-.005 deep into the material per pass to prolong the life of the tool, Also always try to use a lubricant or air blower to help remove the chips while the cutter is engraving. One of the biggest problems is the chips will bind up and snap the tip of the tool off and the lubricant or air will really help with that!

Engraving plastic is much easier, we recommend never engraving more then .012-.015 deep into the material per pass on plastic to also prolong the tool life, and like metals a vacuum or air blower is also something we really recommend to help remove the chips.


The difference between HSS and Carbide Tools

In our experience carbide tools are made from a harder material and will stay sharper longer, HSS tools are made from a softer material. Carbide tools will usually chip or break where as HSS will just dull, we would recommend using carbide for milling wax, but everybody has their preference and on certain jobs and materials HSS will work very well.