Bits & Bits Company announces the launch of our new website. 

We have made the ordering and check out process much easier and faster. You now have the option to create an account. Once you have created an account you will be able to view all of your previous orders and track new orders. Items placed in the shopping cart will remain there until you remove them. We have links to our Facebook and Instagram pages where we announce future sales. 


We carry a wide variety of engraving cutters in many sizes and shapes. The most popular are the half round (V-bit) type cutters. These engraving tools can be used in a variety of applications from engraving plastic and wood to engraving stainless steel. For plastic or wood engraving we recommend a 50 degree or 60 degree cutter, and for metal engraving we recommend using a 70 or 80 degree cutter.

Click on the tool sizes below for prices and descriptions. Be sure to select a tip size. The tip size will determine how wide your line is, for small character engraving choose a smaller tip size. For example when engraving 1/8" tall letters use a .010 or .015 tip, but for 1/4" tall letters use a .020 or .030 tip.

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