2FL End Mills - Metric

Solid Carbide Metric Miniature End Mills

Custom Sizes are available upon request - sales@bitsbits.com

 Metric End Mills

2 Flute Square End   2 Flute Ball End
Cut Diameter Length of Cut Shank Diameter Overall Length Part Number Square End Price Add to Cart   Part Number Ball End Price Add to Cart
0.2mm 0.6mm 3mm 38mm SRF02M $18.50 BUY   SRB02M $19.50 BUY
0.3mm 0.9mm 3mm 38mm SRF03M $18.50 BUY   SRB03M $19.50 BUY
0.4mm 1.2mm 3mm 38mm SRF04M $18.50 BUY   SRB04M $19.50 BUY
0.5mm 1.5mm 3mm 38mm SRF05M $16.50 BUY   SRB05M $17.50 BUY
0.6mm 1.8mm 3mm 38mm SRF06M $16.50 BUY   SRB06M $17.50 BUY
0.7mm 2.1mm 3mm 38mm SRF07M $15.50 BUY   SRB07M $16.50 BUY
0.8mm 2.4mm 3mm 38mm SRF08M $14.50 BUY   SRB08M $16.50 BUY
0.9mm 2.7mm 3mm 38mm SRF09M $14.50 BUY   SRB09M $16.50 BUY
1.0mm 3.0mm 3mm 38mm SRF10M $14.50 BUY   SRB10M $14.50 BUY
1.1mm 3.3mm 3mm 38mm SRF11M $14.50 BUY   SRB11M $14.50 BUY
1.2mm 3.6mm 3mm 38mm SRF12M $13.50 BUY   SRB12M $14.50 BUY
1.3mm 3.9mm 3mm 38mm SRF13M $13.50 BUY   SRB13M $14.50 BUY
1.4mm 4.2mm 3mm 38mm SRF14M $13.50 BUY   SRB14M $14.50 BUY
1.5mm 4.5mm 3mm 38mm SRF15M $10.50 BUY   SRB15M $12.50 BUY
2.0mm 6.0mm 3mm 38mm SRF20M $10.50 BUY   SRB20M $12.50 BUY
2.5mm 7.5mm 3mm 38mm SRF25M $10.50 BUY   SRB25M $12.50 BUY
3.0mm 9.0mm 3mm 38mm SRF30M $9.50 BUY   SRB30M $12.50 BUY


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